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About us

We are a digital marketing and local information services company created specifically to meet the needs of the residents and businesses in Hospet and surrounding areas. 

Our business services include creative digital marketing, event promotions, employment consultancy, technology advisory services, and property listings. We understand the unique challenges that local businesses face and are committed to delivering cost-effective digital solutions that get results.

For residents, we provide local city updates, job alerts, shopping consultancy, and handpicked deal alerts. We pride ourselves on delivering accurate and timely information to make your day a little easier and your time more meaningful.

Our team consists of experienced professionals who are passionate about providing cutting-edge digital solutions and actionable information for our community at their fingertips.

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Our services

Digital Marketing

Services to help local businesses advertise online and reach their target audience

Employment Consultancy

Professional hiring services to connect businesses with top talent in the city

Technology Consultancy

Expert advice and purchase assistance for gadgets and software

Property Listings

Listing services to connect local property sellers, buyers and renters

Event Promotion

Services for local businesses to promote and manage their events online

Deal Alerts

Real-time alerts for handpicked online and local deals from trusted shopping partners

Featured local businesses

Kemp's Water & Soft Drinks

Kemps Logo

Kemp’s is an established manufacturer of packaged drinking water and soft drinks from Hospet. With an emphasis on quality and affordability, the company has earned the trust of millions of customers in North Karnataka.

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